Beginning of Fight Camp Feels.



Fight Camp.

The idea excites me. I love knowing that in 6 weeks I will be a better, stronger version of myself. I know there are going to be times (possibly many times) that this exciting feeling will waver and maybe dip into whatthehellamithinkingmybodyfeelslikeigothitbyatruck territory, but I know it’ll swing back; it always does. I will have spent countless hours learning and growing, focused only on becoming the fighter I think I am meant to be.


You ever want something so badly, your soul tingles?

Okay- soul tingling sounds a little Lifetime movie romantic comedy, but really it’s the only way I can think to describe it.

It’s the little feeling, almost a slight vibration,

that trickles down through your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

You want to literally jump into your day dream, jump in and take what you want.

You want to reach inside your mind and pull out all of your dreams and goals and hopes and wishes and just will them into existence.

You want it so badly you feel all of the little muscles in your belly tighten up.

Your head swims in maps and plans and figures.

Your heart is aching, not for the reward or the win,

but to know, to feel, what it feels like

to be good enough, to be strong enough, to be fast enough-

to know you are meant to be on this path,

that this is what your body, heart, and soul were made for.

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