I am something more.

I am not the body.

I am not even the mind.

A mantra given during yoga class with Rachel Miller at the Body Electric Yoga Company.


I am not the body.
I am not even the mind.

I am something more.

Photo by Jenna Corey @shutterandcycle


It clicked with me. I found myself reciting it in my head during training, on a run, driving.

Whenever I felt out of control, or like I couldn’t possibly continue doing whatever I was doing,

these words found their way into my thoughts.

And you know what,

it gave me my control, the push, I needed to continue.


You’re probably sitting there thinking…

Okay, if you’re not you’re not your own body and you’re not your own mind

then what are you, or you maybe you’re sitting there thinking… wow I can completely relate, or maybe you’ve already moved your mouse to X this post out, I don’t know. I don’t know you.

But before you dismiss this as some hippy free spirit b.s. try see this mantra through my eyes.


This body has a limit.

These bones, these muscles,

they have a limit.


This mind has a limit,

a breaking point.

It has an edge, a cliff.


But if we can consider ourselves as more,

as bigger than the constraints put on us by our bodies and minds,

we can become limitless.

Every day our bodies and minds are constantly put under pressure,

weighed down.

Get to work, do the laundry, listen to Karen talk shit about Sally, hear my boss tell me I need to do more, tell my partner how much I care about them, walk the dog, feed the cat, pick up my kids, do homework, don’t forget selfcare, have a bath, watch tv, read a book.

Learn more, be nicer, live cleaner, eat healthier, find balance.

Lift the heavy weights, run the miles, cycle, walk, push ups, pull ups, do the kicks, do the sit ups, yoga, dance, throw the football, kick the soccer ball, do the things.

Be faster, get stronger, be flexible, be lighter, be heavier, get the muscles, lean out.


The body and mind – they take the damage for us.

They move us through life like shield, taking the blunt force of each day.

Not everything is bad. It’s not a negative, but we do put our bodies and minds through stimulation hell. We tell them to keep moving – always inching towards the limit, the edge.

And sometimes we reach it,

we reach the point where we feel the wind fiercely whipping through our souls as we stand at the edge of that cliff. How can we grow and become better human beings just standing at this cliff, standing there and never pushing past it or beyond it.

We are bigger than our own bodies.

We are more than just our mind.

Our being expands beyond our physical borders and once we tap into that idea,

we become limitless – faster, stronger, more intelligent, insightful, passionate, sympathetic.

We become more.

We jump from the cliff and reach the other side.


You are capable of more.


You are not the body.

You are not even the mind.

You are something more.


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