If life were to live through you,

what would you want it to experience?

Stay with me on this one.

Take yourself out of the equation, calm your ego and tell your doubt to relax.

If life was a being, a physical manifestation,

what would you want it to see, feel, touch, taste?

I feel a lot of fear in the world right now. Fear of the unknown, worry about the future, anxiety about the past. Fear can be good. It’s healthy to have a little dose of fear in our lives, but when it becomes domineering and shakes us to our core, that’s when hate seeps it’s way in, when anger and ugliness take hold, sadness lingers longer than we can learn from it.

Would you want life to only know fear?

I’ve thought a lot about what I fear – transition, change, the future, “doing the right thing”, my ripple effect in my circle, in the world. I’ve thought about my laziness, my purpose, my lack of direction. I’ve let it settle in my bones, and I’ve crawled into very dark places of myself. And then this idea of life living through me came to me, whether it came from a book or a teacher or a class I can’t remember, but the idea has made a mark on me. What would I want life to experience?

I sat back and let go of the world’s troubles, let go of my own battles, let go of guilt and shame and worry, and thought about what I would want life to know.

Passion, sunshine, play, love, devotion, dirt, sand, grass, snuggles, and warmth. I would want connection to all things and not through social media or email, but vibrational connection, presence, attention. Early mornings with coffee and a book, dedicated hours of learning and growing, balance, the good kind of tired after working my muscles and pushing my body, long walks with no where to go and no time to be there, sand in between my toes and salty air on my skin. Every moment I breath is a chance to show life what can exist. Compassion and love. Respect. If I close my eyes, I know I crave that connection. So, this will be my month of connection, to people, places, thoughts, sounds, nature, all of it. Connection is different when we are forced to separate, but not impossible. It’s a challenge worth accepting.

I will be present as much as I can be, and forgive myself when I am pulled away. I let go of fear in place of curiosity. Life should know wonder. Life should know kindness.

Take pause sometime this week. What would you want life to experience?

Don’t deny life the opportunity to see the world through your eyes free from fear. 

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