Still Fighting

2020, what have you done.

Up is down, down is up.

The tension in the air is palatable.

The fuses are short.

It’s silly to ignore or worse, deny it.

So, why not just go with it chaos. 

Use what you are given, treat it like fuel.

Let it motivate you instead of consume you.

Find peace within the chaos. 

It’s fight day every day, right now.

And not in the sense that you should be out there fighting everyone you meet.

It’s the hard work to get to the hard work.

Anyone who has ever fought knows the feelings well. You put in all this effort and training and work yourself into the ground, to arrive at weight cutting day. Put in more work, more effort, more discomfort, to arrive at fight day. Fight day – a day that encompasses all of human emotion, excitement, relief, fear, anxiety, happiness, sadness, I mean I could go on forever. You feel all these feels and then you have to perform at your best as all these emotions swirl around you, as all your coaches warm up you up, as all your teammates and friends text and call to wish you luck, as the crowd cheers (or boos). And you walk calmly in the eye of the storm towards the ring – breathing in and breathing out. Simple. One foot in front of the other, walking towards more chaos, beautifully choreographed chaos. The bell rings and you fight – the storm continues to rage on around you and still, you fight. You find yourself there in the ring. You do what you set out to do. You do what you were drawn to do. And when it’s over. You’ll go back to the beginning, to relive it all over again.

Right now, we are fighting every day, my friends.

Stay calm, stay focused.

Keep moving.

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